Territorial Acknowledgement

The members of Transition Wolfville Area acknowledge that this place was known to Mi’kmaq as Mtabân (mud bridge, and mud catfish ground aka Wolfville) at the mouth of the Jijuktu’kwejk (gee-gee-wok-tok, the narrow river), and is part of the region Sipekne’katik, the land of the wild potato. Treaties of Peace and Friendship signed in 1725 committed Settlers to work in responsible and respectful relationship with the L’nu, the original millennia long custodians of these lands, waters, air. Our goal as a transition initiative is to deepen our relationships and so work toward a future that is good for all.

Other places in the area are: Mskikue’katik (At the great meadow, formerly (?) Galipotjegatiq, little caribou place, aka Grand Pré), Maqteskomjek (Horton Bluff) Maqapskejijk (At the place where the water tumbles over large rocks aka Avonport) Sikunme’katik (At the gaspereaux place aka Gaspereau River), Asoqmapskiajk (At the rocky crossing, aka Kentville), Metoqwatkek (bushes growing clear down to the water aka Blomidon).

For other Mi’kmaw names and pronunciations see: https://www.mapdev.ca/placenames/#/