Board Members

Andrea Schwenke Wyile (secretary)

Andrea has long been keen on nature, natural ways, health, cooperation and collaboration and finding her place as a first-generation born Settler. Transition Wolfville Area dovetails with her early retirement as Professor of Children’s Literature, her work on raising awareness about electrosensitivity and the biological harms to all beings from non-native electromagnetic radiation. She is passionate about picturebooks, local produce, and transition to balanced, respectful and reciprocal living.

Doug Muldoon (treasurer)

For the past 15 years Doug was the managing director of an advertising agency focussed on natural health and organics. He has been involved with many non-profits including working on the executive for Community Futures, Salt Spring Island Economic Development, and local Farmer’s Markets. After selling their organic farm in BC, Doug and his partner recently moved to Nova Scotia. He is an avid proponent of social justice, climate change preparedness and eating organically.

Emily LeGrand (member at large)

Emily has been a resident of the Annapolis Valley since 2014. She works as a book indexer and nature educator. She first learned about the Transition movement as an undergrad in Minnesota, where she was involved in Transition Northfield from 2009-2011. Transition embodies some of her deepest hopes for the world. She believes it is possible for everyone to have a satisfying, creative and love-filled life connected to land and community, and Transition seems as good a methodology as any to get there!

Jem Meharg

Jem moved to Nova Scotia from Ireland ten years ago, having worked in the mind, body, spirit field there. He started working at Taproot Farms and became much more aware of the many benefits of eating local, organic and seasonally. Jem enjoys helping people become aware of ways to raise consciousness as we enter a new world.

Jillian Odekirk

Jillian lives in Wolfville with her son and big white dog. She’s a “woman for all seasons” who loves to learn new skills. Transition Wolfville Area’s principles and goals fit Jillian’s aspiration to build a healthy and resilient community, her activism to address the climate and ecological crisis and her advocacy for a social and economic transition to where the well-being of all people and our environment is her #1 priority. Jillian’s day job is a health economist with an international organisation. 

Joel Huntley (chair)

Joel lives in Scot’s Bay where he farms and does carpentry work. He has always enjoyed the outdoors and has always felt the most fulfilled when in contact with nature. His love for his home (Earth) has driven him to always seek a balance in how his activities affect his home . Ideally, he would like to live in a community that sees our role on Earth as one of stewardship not only to live in balance with Earth, but to create an environment of abundance and diversity.

Leonie Muldoon (agent)

In September 2019, Leonie Muldoon and her partner, Doug, relocated to Wolfville from Salt Spring Island, BC, where they owned an organic farm. As the primary farmer, Leonie is passionate about local and organic food production. With an undergraduate degree in sociology and a master degree focused on social justice and the environment, she has engaged in community activism throughout her life in both the Netherlands and Canada. 

Rhiannon Wells

Rhiannon is a Registered Massage Therapist, living in Port Williams. She joined Transition Wolfville Area after being tangentially involved with the work of Transition Bay St. Margarets for several years. She is interested in helping to build community resiliency to address the shifting global world. Her experience spans work in social justice, non-profit management, health care, and residential meditation communities.

Tom Clahane (vice chair)

Now retired and living with his wife of 43 years, Deborah, in Wolfville, Tom spent most of his latter working years in the educational field where he worked both in the private sector and as a high school and adult teacher. He has always had an active interest and life in the political field and in community service where he has served on a number of boards. A long time participant in life-long learning, he remains an active adult student at Acadia University.