History of TWA & Activities


  • April 25, 2020, Panel, 5G, Your Health, and the Environment
  • April 18, 2020, Panel, Universal Basic Income
  • April 4, 2020, SkillShare, Climate Victory Gardens
  • Mar 2018, SkillShare, Valley Waste Tour and Pop-up Screenings of Modified
  • Feb 2018, SkillShare and Conversation Circle (with *heart wide open*)
  • Jan 2018, SkillShare
  • Dec 2017, SkillShare
  • Oct 2017, SkillShare and Reading Group
  • Sep 2017, Reading Group
  • Aug 2017, Reading Group
  • July 2017, Reading Group
  • June 2017, Reading Group
  • May 2017, Reading Group
  • Apr 2017, Transition Conversation Cafe
  • Mar 2017, Envisioning Transition
  • Feb 2017, From Heart to Action workshop with *heart wide open*
  • Nov 2016, Transition Meeting; guest speaker David Wimberly from Transition Bay St Margaret’s
  • Aug 2016, Participated in The Wolfville Farmers Market Community Sustainability Fair
  • July 2016, Transition Meeting; discussion
  • June 2016, First local Transition meeting; film and discussion
  • May 2016, Cinema Politique event on Transition; film and discussion


Transition Wolfville Area grew out of a Cinema Politique (CP) on Transition Towns held in Wolfville on April 26th, 2016. The well-attended meeting featured speakers on the subject and several YouTube clips on the history, concept, process and results of Transition Towns inaugurated in Totnes, England a decade ago by permaculturist Rob Hopkins. During the CP session people engaged in serious discussion and many expressed an interest in staying involved for the purpose of beginning some kind of transition initiative in this area. A number of people from that meeting signed up to carry forward planning and community programming toward a more formal launch in the near future.

After a brief hiatus from 2018-2019, TWA was rekindled at Climate Circles Annapolis Valley East in January 2020 were a new group of people came together; the timing was right to build on the work that had already been done. Our name, Transition Annapolis Valley Society, was approved in early April, and the following week we submitted papers for incorporation.