Mission & Goals


We are grassroots people reclaiming the commons and the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, re-imagining work, re-skilling ourselves by weaving webs of connection and support.


We seek to support existing transition-type initiatives in the Valley and to foster further initiatives that inspire us to come together in ways that are wholesome for all our relations. We recognize that living is a journey of transition and we honour and embrace the process of living in balance with nature and all other beings in a respectful and positive way. We are rekindling the region’s transition efforts in the spirit of community inclusiveness, preparedness, and flexibility, so that we can respond cooperatively to whatever environmental, economic, political, social and other changes require our human ingenuity in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Our core values and goals:

  • water is life (following the teachings of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island)
  • we are all Treaty People in Mi’kma’ki (part of which is also known as Nova Scotia)
  • we need to reduce
    • our energy and our water consumption
    • waste
    • human created greenhouse gases (notably carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide)
    • electrosmog for the safety of all living beings and in consideration of the growing number of people who are electrosensitive
  • we need proven, safer, and responsible
    • technology
    • agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry
  • we need to create/expand and support
    • local food and services networks
    • the right to repair and rebuild items, including electronics
    • public transit and ride sharing
    • affordable housing
  • we need a new model of economics that includes
    • a return to public utilities
    • balance rather than growth
    • green buildings and roads