conversation circle

Sunday February 11th, 7 – 9pm
Heidi’s Studio, near Wolfville
suggested contribution $5

TOPIC: Consuming with Heart
(growth vs gratitude, shifting from scarcity to abundance, creating and consuming locally and more!)

“All great changes begin in conversation.”
— Juanita Brown

*heart wide open* and Transition Wolfville Area invite you to join us for this co-hosted conversation circle! The intention of the *heart wide open* conversation circles is to create an engaged, supportive, nourishing space where we can collectively explore ways to live more “heartful” lives, both on a personal level and as a community.

* * *
*heart wide open* is a community project based in Wolfville Nova Scotia (initiated by Heidi Kalyani) that explores ways of bringing both heartfulness and mindfulness into our everyday lives! To learn more about *heart wide open*, visit:

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