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Holding space is a powerful practice for cultivating and sustaining vibrant, authentic, meaningful connection and relationships — with ourselves, others and the world around us. Although belonging is a deep-rooted human need, many of the ways we commonly interact and communicate actually create disconnection and separation instead. The practice of holding space offers a beautiful and transformative alternative, which can be applied to personal, work or community life. Course offered by Heidi Kalyani, Heart Wide Open

Transition Wolfville Area has been offered a flat rate cost of $1500 to be shared by a group, so the more people sign up, the less it would cost each participant.
To benefit from this offer, we’d need at least 8 people, 10-12 would be ideal.
There are two times available, and if there is enough interest, both could run:

Wednesday afternoons from 15:00 to 16:30 hrs
Wednesday evenings from 19:30 to 21:00 hrs
This course will run for 7 weeks, from Wednesday March 31 to May 12th.
Note: The regular cost of this course is $250 ($225 early bird) per person.
Please register your interest by March 26th: TWA i hold space group

For more info see:  https://www.heartwideopen.ca/holding-space
For questions:


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