Reading Group #7

Sunday October 22nd
Heidi’s Studio (contact us for directions)

As a way of deepening and strengthening our connections to each other and to the topics of Transition, we are offering a facilitated reading group. We will share ideas, thoughts and questions about materials that support the principles and values of Transition.

Please review the links below *before* the October 22nd meeting so we can share thoughts, questions and ideas when we are together!

“Issues of Trust: Personal, Relational, Community”

At the last meeting we discussed the idea of readings on a local currency or time bank, with a view to possibly creating a Transition project on these lines. As we did the research for this, what came up repeatedly is that all such activities require a basis of trust in the community. So this month’s readings focus on the impact of trust (or lack thereof) on individuals, relationships, and the wider community.

Trusting Yourself:

Trusting Others:

Trusting the Wider Community:
First why and then trust:

Trusting Strangers:

Impacts of Mistrust:
How the erosion of trust leads to murders and mass shootings

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