Stop Clearcuts in NS: Resources to consult

There’s lots going on. Importantly, 8 people (average age 60) were arrested in mid-December for occupying a logging road in SW Nova Scotia. These articles summarize the issue:

You can donate to the cause.

There are various Facebook groups active in protesting the current clear-cutting devastation: e.g., and Also Jacob Filmore, who participated in the SW Nova Scotia road blockade, is now camped out in front of Province House

All this is relevant because we have an election coming. There are 3 candidates for Liberal leadership, one of them is Iain Rankin, who was minister of Lands and Forestry for quite a while. Under his ‘leadership’, Owl’s Head got delisted as a protected site and now risks getting leveled for an exclusive golf course and he was also responsible for letting the Lahey report collect dust. He now runs on an environmental platform and vows to implement the Lahey report. Is this a credible claim?

Sadly, if one reads the official documentation of the Department of Lands and Forestry then all one reads is ‘the international forestry sector is growing’. See and (a very deceptive page).


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