Online Event, Sat. April 18th, 2020. Universal Basic Income: Keeping it on Track

We will hear from a variety of passionate experts here in Nova Scotia about what a Universal Basic Income is, and why it is so important for a greener future, food security, rural economies, preventative health, and of course social equity. We’ll learn about ideas for paying for a basic income for all, the political history of this idea, and the opportunities presenting right now, in this covid era, to push this vital idea forward. We’ll also discuss ideas for action.

Our panel will feature members of Basic Income Nova Scotia:

  • Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird
  • Jen Brady
  • Karen Foster
  • Wayne MacNaughton
  • Pierre Stevens
  • And Kings County Councillor Pauline Raven

To read more on Basic Income Nova Scotia and Universal Basic Income in general, start here

To attend, please pre-register here

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