Transition to a World without Oil
Transition Town founder, Rob Hopkins, reminds us that the oil our world depends on is steadily running out. He proposes a unique solution to this problem — the Transition response, where we prepare ourselves for life without oil and sacrifice our luxuries to build systems and communities that are completely independent of fossil fuels. [18 min]

Why Transition? Creating a Brighter Future 2:36 minutes.

Rob Hopkins: My Town in Transition, May 1, 2012 18 min

Excerpt from In Transition 2.0:
About Transition Town Lewes Energy Project Community Owned Assets. East Sussex.

voices-of-transitionVoices of Transition. a 2012 documentary film presents paths towards a new model of human existence: one which is fair, environmentally sound and fulfilling, with soil and people supporting each other in a balanced and sustainable way.
Part I – France – shift away from destructive monocultural farming to diversified and truly efficient agricultural ecosystems.
Part II With roots in the UK, the Transition Town movement is now booming globally.
Part III – When the Soviet Union collapsed, so did Cuba’s oil supply. But Cuba has used this desperate situation to become a pioneer of agro-ecology and urban farming.

power-of-communityThe Power of Community. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 53:05